About Nicole

Strategic Designer | Idea Generator | Leader

  • Strategist: I design and implement marketing strategies aligned with business targets and develop digital campaigns to increase web traffic. After campaigns are completed, I analyze marketing metrics and leads to identify trends and recommendations. I also review SEO/SEM and Google Analytics on website traffic and campaign performances.
  • Designer: Just when I think I hit a point of a great design solution, I push it one more step. I think to myself, “would the audience looking at this creative understand the purpose and or feel something? Would they take action?” If the answer is no, I keep researching and testing out more solutions.
  • Leader: We are all trying to make something of ourselves. Working with someone who cares about their team members and direct reports increases productivity, loyalty, and ensures open communication.
  • Storyteller: As much as I am a creative, I am very driven by numbers and data. I use various tools and applications to make recommendations on the best strategic move when it comes to increasing inbound leads, conversions, page views, and more.
Photoshop - After Effects - Illustrator
Google Analytics - Ad Words - Data Studio
Automation - Demand Gen - Email Marketing Strategy
Tracking - Testing - Pushing My Assumptions

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."


Some Fun Facts About Me

Countries I have traveled to.
Times I have reminded someone, ``You're on mute``. (Approximately)
Ideas Generated! (Ball park) Feels like it's more.

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