Facebook Display Ads

A. Clean Creative D    B. Clean Creative C  

C. Clean Creative B   D. Clean Creative A

Project Description

Returning to the office has been a source of tension and uneasiness for both employers and their staff. The creative above points out the elephant in the room while personifying animals feeling the way our viewers might feel. The goal was to evoke emotion and spark our audience’s curiosity to ask themselves, “Who’s Captivate?”. The solution Captivate | Clean is a mobile kiosk with our screens along with a hand sanitizer dispenser to ensure the safety of the staff.

A: After researching which audience was going back to work first as CDC guidelines started lifting, we chose financial professionals to target first. The feeling of dread was and is still very real to some people when it comes to “returning to work”. I wanted to call that out loud and clear with the sad dog hiding under the blanket, bringing light and humor to the subject.
B: With this creative targeting the financial audience. The gloomy dog with the glasses and the lazy eye was chosen to personify a studious dog trying to relate and empathize with our audience.
C: With the “Did you hear” creative, we chose a different direction and broadened our targeted audience. I chose the copy “There’s donuts in the kitchen” because stereotypically that is a phrase one gets excited about when arriving to the office. I chose the dog with the ears correlating to the “did you hear” question.
D: The “Jean jacket” creative and copy was inspired by the image first, making light of workplace fashion trends while showcasing that going back to the office is trending as well.

Results: The dog with the jean jack creative had a 50% increase in engagement and impressions compared to the other three.

Project Details

  • Client: Captivate
  • Tasks: Strategized concept. Design the A/B/C/D display ads and the landing page we directed users to.
  • CTA Link: Captivate | Clean Shop Page