Facebook Paid Media | A/B Test

Project Description

In order to drive traffic and leads to our digital display product, we designed Facebook display ads targeting our property management audience and tested out two different creatives to test which one would get the most engagement.

A: Target audience accessing the product anywhere and anytime.
B: Product shot with a sample of a custom message.

Results: Both creatives had an equal amount of impressions but the creative with the lady looking at her phone received the most clicks. We battled with bots clicking on the creative which drove our results up.  To combat this, we chose Facebook Retargetting to ensure quality clicks and impressions.

I created both the display ads and landing page we directed the user to.

Project Details

  • Client: Captivate
  • Tasks: Strategized concept. Design the A/B display ads and the landing page we directed users to.
  • CTA Link Below Creative: Watch How